Gurukul Arts, Commerce & Science College Pathalgaon, Jashpur Chhattisgarh


Affiliated to Sant Gahira Guru University, Ambikapur (C.G)

' 15 + ' Years of Excellence


  • Examination Pattern -

    • Questions will be Unit wise. Questions will be set from all Units covering the entire syllabi. Every unit will have two questions and the student will be asked to attempt any one of them.

    • In each theory paper five questions are to be answered each of 16 marks for subjects without practical and of 12 marks for subjects having practical.

    • There will be no separate distribution of objective type of questions but these will be included along with main questions.

    • Marks shall be distributed for a question like 1, 2, 3 for different portion and maximum marks shall be 16 for non practical subjects and 12 for subjects having practical in the following manner :-

      • Theory-

        A question may consist of minimum of the three parts (a), (b) & (c). Question should be set of the following pattern.

        Question Pattern Theory paper of Non Practical Subject Theory Paper of Practical Subject
        Objective type (in a few words) 2 2
        Short answer type (with few sentences) 6 4
        Broad and critical type 8 6
        Total 16 12

        For question papers of compulsory papers of General group subjects i.e. Environmental Studies, General English, General Hindi and Skill based course, the pattern of question shall be applicable as suggested by concerned board of studies.

      • Practical-

        Practical Heads Marks
        Internal 10
        Viva voce 10
        Experiments/ Projects 30
        Total 50
    • Minimum passing marks for external/ semester end theory and practical shall be 34%.

    • There shall be provision of 3 grace marks and it would be distributed in maximum two theory/ two practical/ one practical and one theory paper.

  • Internal Assessment-

    Internal Tests are compulsory for theory papers and must be held as per following calendar:-

      Odd Semester 1st Test- August , 2nd Test October and 01 Assignment (during semester)

      Even Semester 1st Test February , 2nd Test March and 01 Assignment (during semester)

    Each test/ Assignment will be of 20 marks for the subjects without practical & 15 marks for the subjects having practicals. Average of the marks obtained in the best two tests / assignment shall be incorporated as the final mark. Qualifying mark is 40%. If a candidate failed to attend the test on bonafide grounds, one special test may be arranged on production of relevant documents, before submission of application forms and fees to the office. The Unit tests/Assignment marks to be sent to the exam cell of the college as per notification to be issued by the Principal/ Controller Examination from time to time.

    Non Practical Subject Practical Subject
    Max./Min. Marks External/Semester end Internal External/Semester end Internal
    MAX MARKS 80 20 60 15
    MIN MARKS 28 08 21 06
  • Eligibility criteria

    • A candidate should have 75% of attendance both in theory and practical papers. 65% attendance may be considered only on special circumstances and on certification by the Principal of the college.

    • A candidate shall have to qualify in the internal tests securing at least 40% marks.

    • A candidate shall be allowed to appear in those papers only in which he/she has secured qualifying marks in internal test.

    • If a candidate after taking admission in 1st year could not continue the classes or could not obtain eligibility cannot appear in the 1st semester examinations. In such cases the student will not be allowed to continue in second semester and he/she has to continue the classes and obtain eligibility in 1st semester again in next academic year as ex-student.

  • Result:-

    • Each theory Paper (Practical Subject)

      Each theory Paper Internal assessment
      Maximum Marks Minimum Passing 34% Maximum Marks Minimum Passing 40%
      60 21 15 6
    • Each theory Paper (Non Practical Subject)

      Each theory Paper Internal assessment
      Maximum Marks Minimum Passing 34% Maximum Marks Minimum Passing 40%
      80 28 20 8
    • Each Practical Paper

      Min.Pass Percentage Maximum Marks Min. Passing Marks
      34% 50 17

    • Any suggestion/ recommendation made by the Sant Gahira Guru University / Higher Education Department of C.G. shall be implemented in the college.