Gurukul Arts, Commerce & Science College Pathalgaon, Jashpur Chhattisgarh


Affiliated to Sant Gahira Guru University, Ambikapur (C.G)

' 15 + ' Years of Excellence

Vision And Mission

  • Vision

    The Vision of the College is to improve the quality of higher education in science, serving the social needs, uplift the academic standards of the regional youths and fostering an enduring sense of discipline and single minded dedication to work.

  • Mission

    The Mission is to provide quality and value based education in the field of science to the interested, first generation students and backward classes of the society. By promoting the college into an institution of excellence that has to serve the regional youth by providing them easy access to higher education and job opportunities. The college has striven towards integrated personality, growth of rural student in particular and students at large in which special attention is given to their intellectual, moral and cultural development. It has to inculcate discipline, higher levels of culture and time values of life among the youth.

  • Objectives of the Institution

    The following objectives are identified to fulfill the Vision and Mission of the college.

    • To foster quality education and high moral standards

    • To educate students of all sections of the society

    • To incorporate the latest scientific and technological development in the curriculum

    • To provide conducive environment for creativity & research

    • To provide equal opportunity to both genders

    • To develop the skills of students for better employment prospects

    • To elevate the academic level of the students of this region.

    • To serve the student community who are poor, needy, socially and economically weaker in this region.

    • To develop transformation in youth into educationally, morally, culturally and socially good citizens with greater employment opportunities.

The goals are made known to the students and other stakeholders through college website, Prospectus, College magazine, Brochure, Alumni Association, Students meetings, Parents meetings, Annual report presentation and Display in the college campus.